Terms and Conditions

Deposit Policy:

A non-refundable deposit will be required for all expert services, subscriptions, and bookings.  

Cancellation Policy:

Final payment is due three days before the scheduled zoom, conference call, or in-person meeting.  Expert services scheduled for zoom, conference call, or in-person meeting must be canceled in 24 hours.  The client fails to show within 15 minutes of a scheduled zoom, conference call, or in-person meeting will be canceled.  There will be no refunds and expert services can be rescheduled with a new deposit; the final payment is due three days before the scheduled zoom, conference call, or in-person meeting.  Subscription plans may be canceled at any time and will end when the subscription week or monthly plan is over.  Example: If your subscription starts on the 21st of the month it will end on the 21st of the following month.  

Payment Policy:

We accept the following forms of payment: Paypal, Credit/Debit, Cashier Checks, Money Order, and Business Checks (No Personal Checks).   

See Privacy Policy.

Shipping Policy:

Products are shipped via United States Postal Service.  Insurance may be added to most purchases.  A tracking number will be sent to you via e-mail.  Damages made to orders while in transit is a liability of the shipping service.  Email us immediately as most packages have been insured. 

Return/Refund Policy:

All sales, expert services, subscriptions, and bookings are final.  

By purchasing a product or booking expert services you are acknowledging that you have read the terms and conditions on this page.

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